10 Russian Human Hair Tape Extensions 17" PREMIUM QUALITY

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54,95 EUR
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100% Human Hair Russian Tape Extensions (straight hair)   

Hair as silky and soft as a warm summer breeze.

100% russian human hair without silicon, with intact cuticular. Very durable hair.

This hair is smooth, soft, and silky with great volume.
You will love it!!!

Each extensions weighs 4 grams and has great density.

Length 17", Width 4 cm
Structure of the hair: smooth / european/ staight with a very slight wave

Tapes are included. Extensions can be used immediately.

Our extensions have a thin polyurethane stripe (Width 4 cm, Highth 0,8 cm), which will be covered with a super thin super-glue tape (included) before you attach the extension to your hair.

You can create great color and extension effects quickly and easily with our extensions!!!

A great advantage of our Tape Extensions is that they can be attached to your hair quickly and easily.

No heat or special equippment is needed to attach our extensions; you only need to apply slight pressure with your fingers.These extensions are reusable, you only need to renew the super-glue tapes.

Easy and fast application to your hair:

  - no damaging heat is needed
  - very comfortable to wear
  - invisible connections because of transparent super-glue tapes
  - suitable for the front of your hair

We recommend a liquid remover to detach extensions.




17" hair length with high density and great volume throughout the hair.

Each extension weighs about 2.5 grams, which is twice as much as the extensions of most retailers.

Tapes are included - extensions can be used immediately. 

Tape extensions are equipped with a super thin glue stripe (4 cm wide, 0.8-1.00 cm high), which makes the extensions quick and easy to use. In fact, you only need to apply slight pressure with your fingers to attach our hair extensions. The speciality of our innovative Tape Extensions is that you can reuse them several times; you only need to exchage the glue stripes.
To remove Tape Extensions we recommend a liquid remover.

You can create great color and extension effects quickly and easily with our extensions!!! 

One great thing about our extensions is that they can be applied and removed quickly and easily. You will only barely notice the super thin glue stripe. Our extensions are also great volumizers and can be used for the back and the sides of your hair. The use of different color stripes will create awesome color effects.

Fast and easy application to your hair:
*very comfortable to wear
*connections are super thin and almost not noticable
*can also be used for the front of your hair

You need 10 extensions to increase your volume; 20 extensions are sufficient for a complete hair extension, and 30-40 stripes will give you incredible super volume.
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